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Reply To: fear of death


There is nothing like akaal mrutyu or alpaayu in life. In fact we die everyday when we are asleep. And when you wake up it is another birth. And the ultimate death is also something similar, the only thing is when you wake up after death, you will have a different body. Your life is an assignment from God in his efforts of sustenance of this universe and He assigns a job to you on completion of which you are called back and the next assignment will be waiting for you. He provides all the tools and the environment for you to carry out His assignments and you will also be taught how to carry out his assignment.

Listening to wayside astrologers for an educated person like you shows that you are a lazy bum and you do not recognize nor realise the nature in the form of God. You must improve you spiritual knowledge and all your fears will vanish into thin air.

When the assignment is given to you, if it takes a long time to complete, you will have a later death and if the assignment is a shorter one, you will have an early death. After all we live on an average only 33 cosmic seconds in our 75 or so earthly years.

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