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Please confirm your date of birth. You are already 55 years. Your 4th and 7th houses are the weakest and marital bliss is as good as absent in your horoscope. Your house of Gains is the best and you will roll in money. Have a look at your strength and nature of your planets.

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 35.44 Benefic
Moon 32.93 Malefic
Mars 0.98 Benefic
Mercury 0.31 Malefic
Jupiter 63.12 Malefic
Venus 82.19 Benefic
Saturn 46.75 Malefic
Rahu 64.69 Malefic
Kethu 58.97 Malefic

Net 41.80 Malefic

The strength of Your Lagnadhipa Mercury is negligible and Mars follows suit. Neither Sun or Moon is any potent.

I am sending you by email your strength of houses just for your information.