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Navneet Khanna

Hi A.H,

Fist of all there is so much wrong information related to Manglik and Mangal dosha around. You can read my article on Mangal dosha for more clarity

Mangal dosha How to check Manglik in horoscope

Kindly note that generally Mangal in different houses have different meaning. Mangal in 1 house will give different results from mars being in 7th house or 8th house or 12th house. All form Manglik dosha.

It is wrong to measure everything with the same yardstick. Also there are lot of exceptions under which Mangal dosha gets cancelled. Like when it is in its own Rashi that is Aries or Scorpio. Or when Mars is exalted that is in Capricorn and many more conditions.

I will also like to say that if you have a good marriage do not destroy your marriage on condition of someone telling you something about your husband without any concrete proof.



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