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Your marriage will take place only after 2016 March and your Mars in the 7th is a bit complicated for getting a bride easily. The chances are your bride to be will be a total stranger. Here are your planetary dispositions

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 8.32 14.52 84.57 Malefic
Moon 51.67 66.82 28.52 Benefic
Mars 66.04 63.67 13.72 Benefic
Mercury 51.64 59.20 37.38 Benefic
Jupiter 8.02 80.68 13.26 Benefic
Venus 64.93 18.55 72.78 Malefic
Saturn 69.88 37.12 53.80 Malefic
Rahu 89.50 37.12 53.80 Malefic
Kethu 89.50 66.82 28.52 Benefic

Net 55.50

Your Sun and Jupiter have very weak residential strengths. Venus and Saturn are malefics. Kethu is the only powerful benefic who could give you some marital happiness. Mars though a benefic and strong enough is in the 7th.

Your marital bliss is having a potency of 46.42%.

For more details perhaps you can come through Scientific Evaluaion of Your Horoscope through Premium services. An excellent matching exercise has to be carried out for selecting a bride. Read my blog and read all articles to get a better insight into the evaluation techniques.

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