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Navneet Khanna

Your Rashi is Leo, that is the Moon sign . You are a kind of person who is looking for more than just physical pleasure in your relationship. Moon is conjoined with Mercury making you a person who has both beauty and brains.
For you mental compatibility is equally important to physical compatibility in a relationship. You have the grace and the attraction that will attract others towards you. However stability in your relationship will not be there. Sun in the 5th house will make you very romantic person. Therefore you will have more than one relationship. Satisfaction in your relationship will not be there. Marriage house is also weak. Ketu (South Node of Moon ) is conjoined with Mars in the 7th house. Mars in the 7th house increases sexual desire. Ketu in the 7th house decreases the happiness on the marital front.

Being A Leo by Moon , You go out of your way to make the person happy with whom you are involved, but small issues create problems in your relationship. however you are going through the main period of Mars and sub period of Saturn, both are inimical to each other. Rahu the north node of the Moon is in Virgo in transit which is your 5th house of romance. Stability in your relationship is promised after January 2015. If you are looking for stability in your relationship including Marriage go with the person who matches with your horoscope.


Navneet Khanna

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