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Navneet Khanna

Hi Cutegirl,
Thanks for visiting AstrologyMag.

Please kindly note that the forum is not to discuss the complete horoscope but briefly take up some issue about an individuals life. I feel marriage is something that you would like to know from your horoscope.

Cancer sign rules the 7th house of marriage and Moon is posited in the 8th house, which is not good in terms that your spouse would be very much inclined towards his family. The 7thin the Pap Katri as it has malefic Ketu in the 6th house and functional malefic Jupiter in the 8th house. Jupiter is the karka for husband and Venus is the karka for marriage. Proper Patri milan will be very important for marital happiness. Chances of arrange marriage are much stronger in your horoscope. Love relationship will face many hurdles.


Navneet Khanna

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