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Reply To: When will we be blessed with baby?

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Potency of the 5th house is indicative of the happiness you will have from having children. The lord of the 5th house is Jupiter and Venus is placed in the 5th house. The residential strength of planets in your charts are given below.

Planet Residential Strength

Sun 52.54
Moon 16.96
Mars 87.89
Mercury 35.08
Jupiter 2.96
Venus 45.93
Saturn 71.40
Rahu 81.31
Kethu 81.31

Net 52.82

Jupiter has a very poor strength, Venus is better. And next Venus will come into play during its sub period in Moon(also weak) Period i.e. 2017/2018 and possibly during that time you could have a baby with a probability of 46% failing which there may not be any more chances of motherhood.

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