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Reply To: Marriage time and Navamsha chart

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Hello Navneet Sir,

Need to understand. One of the astrologer suggested moonga to me, where as another said to wear pukhraj. As per my understanding, moonga is for Mars. As mars is in 8th house moonga is not good for me. It will increase the evil effects of mars in marak house. Pukraj, for jupiter is suitable as it is in kendra 10th house and is also lagna lord. Please confirm if I am correct.

Also just wanted to know, what should I do to have my marriage early. Should I do remedies for mercury(7th lord) or for Venus the karak for marriage. I am really worried as my marriage is getting delayed. My 7th house lord is 26 degree brudha avastha. However, in my navamsha it is with Jupiter in Leo and Saturn 7 the lord in navamsha is in 8 the house Aquarius.

As suggested by you earlier I checked my birth timings are correct.

Please suggest.


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