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2 marriages on chart?

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    Chart details-

    Dob- 08 may 1993
    Place- New Delhi
    Time- 11:00 am

    Are there two marriages in this chart?

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    And what is expected time of marriage ?

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    Using astrology, one cannot say that there will be multiple marriages in life. Marriage is union of body, mind and soul and you can have this many times with one spouse also. It is fake astrologers who predict this sort of things. Read my blog

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope we see that your 7th house which is the house of marital life and spouse is weak as Saturn the lord of the 7th house is posited in the 8th house. Debilitated Ketu in the 11th house aspects the 7th house. Ketu aspect on the 7th house decreases the strength of the 7th house. Matching of the horoscope will be very important for marital happiness. You should make sure that you and the Boys horoscope have good compatibility then you will not face any problems.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you Sirs. What is the expected time of marriage. I’m in no hurry at all. Was just interested to know since it relates to career too.

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