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    Respected Sir

    Good Day ! I have been going through contents of your articles on astrology for the last many years. I would like you to give me your valuable advice regarding my following queries. These queries are such that most astrologers avoid to study. Will you please guide me ? You may take your own time for analysis of my chart. Please oblige.

    1) Death : Would you please predict my death and other information pertaining to death, cause leading to death, the actual death (pain or no pain), the process of death, the timing of death and sufferings in between and post death events as well?

    2) Religious/Spiritual Status : I would like to know whether in this birth I am nearer to ‘Salvation’ – ‘Moksha’ – Forever free from Birth and Death; No ‘Rebirth’ whatsoever hereafter.

    Birth Details

    Sex: Male
    Religion: Hindu, Vaishnav
    Food Habits: Strictly Vegetarian
    Birth Date: 12th June 1968
    Time: 16:13 P.M. (Afternoon 4:13 P.M.)
    District: Vadodara
    State: Gujarat
    Country: India
    Geographical coordinates of
    Vadodara city of country India
    22° 18′ 0″ N
    73° 12′ 0″ E
    UTC/GMT +5:30 hours

    Thanks & Regards

    Please reply on

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    Most of your questions are answered if you read the book “The Astral Body – 1927” which you can download from the internet.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOur Lagna is Tula.
    Lagna owner Sukra is in eighth house(own house).
    Sukra is very near to Sun and so is burnt.
    Sukra is having above medium strength.
    You can live roughly 70years.

    Sani is excellent planet for Tula lagna.
    But its placement in 6th house,is not good for enjoying power and wealth.
    But it gives longevity.

    Sani and rahu are in 6th.Sun and Sukra are in 8th house.
    Moon is in 3rd house..Budha and Kuja are in 9th house.
    Guru is in 11th house.Kethu is in 12th house.
    Venus at 26degrees,Surya is at 28degrees.Combust.

    Kethu in 12th house generally leads to Moksha.
    Sani and Kuja are seeing kethu.
    The aspect of Sani on kethu does not facilitate moksha.
    Sani for this lagna is not a saint.Sani is highly materialistic
    minded for this lagna.

    The aspects of Sani and kuja ,gives material ambitions.
    Kuja and Budha are seeing moon.
    It is also not spritual yoga.
    You may be a good lecturer on spirituality,but does not
    indicate the suffering necessary before salvation.

    Budha is looking moon.It means intelligence and
    argumentative mentality.
    Guru is seeing seventh house..There will be problems in
    marriage and romantic life.

    You have to do penance for 10 or 12 years to go towards moksha.
    Please see my article in google—kumrao99 penance method.

    good wishes,

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      Kind Attn : Shri K.Umamaheswara Rao

      Dear Sir

      I acknowledge receipt of your detailed response and thank you for the same.

      Good day to you !

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