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Astrology and psychology

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    PSP Consultancy Services

    There is a keen relation between Astrology and Psychology, why?
    Our researchers believe that what ever may be the problem or issue in the life you need to support the person with astrological remedies as well as psychological supports. That helps the person to overcome the situation first also it may help that person to engulf the remedies in practical and useful ways.
    Wearing Rudraksha without knowing its practical effects, science and wearing rules it may not work properly. In the other hand we found that if we guide that person in practical scenarios along with the Rudraksha it works like magic!
    We need to guide the person to use the remedies in proper way and make him understand how it is working.

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    Psychology can work as a mental science to cure the problem of human mind to a great extent. But Astrology has only ‘ology’ in common and they neither co-operate nor co-exist together. Astrology is only useful to evaluate the strength of planets and houses as at the time of birth which gives a blue print of one’s life from birth to death and can only be useful to the users to identify the running time as to what success factor he or she can expect during a given shorter interval like for a few months or a year or two on top of which the graph of life will be visible always overall. All remedies envisaged in astrology works psychologically, no doubt with the manipulation of one’s own mind. Astrology is best useful for comparison of people with respect to their success in life, career or profession and other sundry success factors in life.

    To my mind, psychology and astrology cannot be yoked together. Please read my blog and all articles contained therein.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You agree that psychology is based on mind.
    A person’s negative thinking is due to bad deeds of
    previous birth.No use of treating his symptoms of this
    life.The patient has to do penance to nullify the
    bad deeds done by him in previous birth..
    PLease read the articles in the below link.

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