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    Hello Sir,
    I wanna start my own business(manufacturing industry) , when my dasha start to support?(problems are in the process) do you think I will be successful?
    April 29, 1984
    4:55 AM
    Dubai, Emirates


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    Manufacturing of what? Have you got any experience? What is your educational background and expertise. We need such information to evaluate your horoscope and give you an answer.

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    I have a PhD is Physics from US, Building Material Manufacturer
    I need to get loan(takes time to get it ) and my problem is money.

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    You will have to wait till mid 2022 for you to succeed in your endeavours since till such time Venus is spoiling your chances due to poor potency and there could be some problems from your friends or brothers (relatives) in your efforts to start your business or manufacturing industry and someone could be putting spokes in your way. For your information Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are ill disposed and your 3rd and 8th houses are weak in your horoscope. From 2022 onwards when you put in $6 as investment, you could get $7 in return which is a 16% return which could be considered good in a business venture.

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