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Business and job

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    Hi Sir,
    Plz tell me when my good time is going to start……Actually i tried for job 2010-12 after completion of my MBA.i didnt got any job and i disappointed and i went my home town.I started jeans manfacturing business in the year-2012 july 2nd week.From started day to still present day also i didnt got any profits in Business,everything loss only.i borrowed money from my friends and,now i am in deep problems sir.Now i came to bangalore for job trails but my mind is in very stress & Pressures and i am not able to concentrate on my Technology…..Plz reply me sir & suggest me wt to do Sir…thank u…
    Dob: 05 August 1987
    Time: 02:00 am
    Gender: Male
    Place of birth: Belguppa,near to Kalyandurgam town, andhra pradesh

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    Wait till the year end. Your good time will start with Venus Dasa. Your horoscope is not fit for business. Concentrate on getting a job in administrations, sales or marketing.

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    thank you sir, its better to stop my business or in future can i do business or not sir

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    You are unlikely to make profit doing business. Your house of gains is not as potent as your career house. Read my blog

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    sir, I, gaurav jaiswal, preparing for government job, i am getting frustated day by day, as now its too late for the job and marriage also, plz sir tell me is there any chance for govt. job for me. if yes then when, and what kind of job, if no that what is the suitable job/business for me. and when will i engage.sir plz do reply . i am waiting and suggest me what to do? thanking u DOB- 27/10/1984 TIME- 12:30 AM PLACE- BANSGAON, GORAKHPUR, UP GENDER- MALE

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    What does 12:30 a.m. means? Is it 00:30 a.m or 12:30 p.m?

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    sOrry sir its 12:30PM, DIN ME ……………

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    Your career house and returns therefrom are very weak with poor strengths in your horoscope and it is quite unlikely that you will get a good job either in govt. or in a private firm. Doing something on your own like agriculture etc. with your own hands will bring you relief.

    Your career house has a strength of 29.91% and the 11th house has a strength of 27.62% both of which are below pass mark.

    Your planetary dispositions are :
    Planet Residential
    Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 83.25 2.72 52.99 Malefic
    Moon 29.62 13.48 62.99 Malefic
    Mars 6.02 63.73 31.57 Benefic
    Mercury 12.89 40.08 32.19 Benefic
    Jupiter 56.38 21.15 64.88 Malefic
    Venus 53.00 32.25 67.75 Malefic
    Saturn 5.05 21.90 9.95 Benefic
    Rahu 80.62 32.25 67.75 Malefic
    Kethu 80.62 63.73 31.57 Benefic

    Net 45.27

    Read my blog for more information on Astrology.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 11 total)
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