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    Hello, I want to know how is the coming time for my business .i am planning to do a couple of new projects.Will i be successful?

    dob-21/1/1952, tob-4:54 am, pob-new delhi, gender-male



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    Can you tell me whether you have been a business man throughout your life? And if so how was your business performance. Did you have a successful business? I need answers to these questions to verify your time of birth. Did you have many enemies who put spoke into your business etc.

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    Yes i have been a businessman throughout my life and business performance has been pretty ok.Yes business has been successful.

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    Perhaps your time of birth is suspect. According to me you have a weak 6th house which brings in lot of enemies in your career, a high degree of indebtedness etc. And when you invest 9.39 units of money, the returns you get therefrom is only to the tune of 7 units which is not what is required for a successful businessman.

    I do not want to venture into predictions about the future with your strengths calculated as per the given date and time of birth not corresponding to your actual experiences in the past.

    Sorry. Perhaps you can follow your past experiences which is a better indication than going by your horoscope.

    May be Horary Astrology can help you. Read my article on Horary/Electional Astrology on this site or on

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    I have shown my horo to other astros in the past and they said kundli is vgood in terms of business. Could you confirm my rasi and lagna? birth details are correct.

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    Sagittarius Dhanu Lagna and Libra Tula moon sign and Swaati Nakshatra.

    And if other astrologers have told you that you are vgood in business, why did you not trust them and go ahead. Why raised this question in this forum at all?

    And you have confirmed that your business was Good and successful.

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    I asked the question regarding the new projects i am working on and how is coming time for business. As far as other astrologers are concerned i consulted them 2-3 yrs back and i trusted them. Just came to know about this forum so thought of asking this question.

    But thanks for your reply.

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    Dear rahul,

    Since you have a confident mind and you have already proved you are good and successful in business you just need to check if your present and coming time is good and supportive for you like previous.

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