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    Prem Prakash

    When I will get the job.
    My data: Male, dob 08 April 1956, tob 11.55 AM (Noon), pob Rohtak/India.

    Thank you so much.

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    You are already 58 years old and you mean to say that you never had a job in your life. Then how were you able to get your daily intake of food. I am sure not by begging!

    A job in astrology only means a career to earn your living without which you would not have survived so far. We are all living in Karmakanda and each one of us have to do some work or other. We cannot sleep away all the 24 hours of the day even if you want to.

    You possibly have mistaken a job as one where you are being employed under someone who gives you a salary. Doing your own job like Agriculture, business of your own etc. are also indicative of a career. Why begging also is a career for many some are organised begging and some begging for alms to survive on a day to day basis.

    Your question is not well understood.

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    Hii there…
    My date of birth is 21st oct 1992
    I have done my bachelor’s through s check olarship thank god… but now further studjes are damn costly for me… I have got a job but due to some documentation…its stuck…feels like evrrything is stuck…I cant study further… job hasnt started… god knws why I am so stuck..nor I can join anything as anytime call for work can come and I have to start.
    I wanted to know are there any hopes I can keep of studying further?
    By astro is there a way to find out if I can study further?

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    Time of birth is 00:40am at 20th midnight

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    What does H stands for? Why so secretive about your name or nickname? Or are you lazy in typing more number of characters. If so you know the reason why you are stuck everywhere.

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    Heetali Mehta

    Its not laziness, I am stuck due to some company documentation.
    Could you advice me if I will be studying further? Or are there chances I can do further studies?
    Please let me knw. Thank you

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    You have still not given the place of birth.

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    Heetali Mehta

    Gujrat dhoraji

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