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    My DOB is 20 July 1986, time 7.20 am, place kochi, kerala. I was working as a teacher and currently unemployed. Will i get a good job in near future. Is there a chance for govt job or overseas job in my horoscope? Thank You.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S RAO

    You are active, but sensitive and reserved in nature. you speak nicely and attract people with your kind words.
    Reg your job : As your 10th sub lord is not connected to favourable houses for job, you can not get proper remuneration for your services.
    As your 12th sublord (abroad chance giver) is connected to 8th house (negating long journey) and finally connected to 4th house( resident area). In case if you move to a distant place, you will have to work hard with less remuneration. You may get a job in Govt sector, you have to do without satisfaction.
    After June 2017, you may get a job, showing slow progress in the coming periods.
    I wish you all the best.

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    You have a very powerful horoscope as shown below. Your career house though is not strong enough, your Gains from career will be very high and you will hardly have any wasteful expenditure and you will be spiritually well enlightened. But your house of luck and house of children are not very potent. You will have wide fluctuations in your experiences in life from 38% to 84% which is too high a range. Since your Public View score is too good, you will be very famous in life. Read my blog

    Brief Description of Significations Marks Scored Public View Lowest Score
    Personality, Individuality, Head 55.81 94.74 34.91
    Wealth, assets, family, speech, Face 67.92 115.31 42.49
    Co-borns, confidants, courage, Hands and Shoulders 78.92 133.98 49.36
    Happiness, comforts, pleasures, Heart & Lungs 69.27 117.60 43.33
    Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen 46.90 79.63 29.34
    Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen 57.00 96.77 35.65
    Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver 53.79 91.31 33.64
    Distresses in life, Colon, Kidneys, Genitals 52.14 88.52 32.61
    Luck ,Fortune, Thighs 56.10 95.25 35.09
    Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees 44.43 75.44 27.79
    Gains, Returns from Career, Calf and ankles 63.74 108.20 39.87
    Wasteful Expenditure, Losses, Feet, Spirituality 77.50 131.57 48.48

    Net strength 61.24 103.97 38.31

    Higher strength for positive significations makes it more potent
    Higher strength for negative significations negate the negatives (Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Losses etc.)
    No. Of Horoscopes Analysed : 40025+ Freq. Dbn %
    Less than 30% – Not Satisfactory enough 46.0
    >= 30 to 40 – Just Passed 15.3
    >= 40 to 45 – Average 12.2
    >= 45 to 50 – Above Average 10.5
    >= 50 to 60 – Second Class 8.3
    >= 60 to 70 – First Class 4.0
    >= 70 to 80 – Distinction 2.7
    >= 80 to 90 – Excellent 1.0
    Greater than 90 – Outstanding 97 Nos

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