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Career question

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    Disha Kotian

    Hi my name is disha kotian.
    Birth date 5th April 1990.
    Birth time 12.05pm.
    I am currently pursuing CA but haven’t been able to clear my CA final exam yet. I want to know if I will become a CA and what are my career prospects.

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    Hello Disha

    can you please mention your place of birth


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      Disha Kotian

      Hi my place of birth is Mumbai

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        hello Disha

        Mercury the lagan lord cum 4th lord of basic education has become weak even though its good house .
        11th house of desire fulfillment is also weak.
        Mercury further in ketu star has also rendered it weak. Mercury is planet of understanding capacity and intelligence. So only with real hard work and smart planning you will succeed in ca final .

        Venus is good in house 9 and it gets an aspect of guru in lagan. Guru getting into rahu star has also met with weakness.

        3 planets in house 8 of research – saturn , rahu and mars… can help you in winning .

        Sun being in watery sign and house 10 will really need hardwork for success in career.

        As sun and moon are powerful you do have good astrological combination for succeeding in CA.

        Period of mercury till 2020 end will be fruiteful provided you really plan well for ca exams final stage.

        Specially sept 2018 onwards guru gets strength till 2020.
        Saturn is good strength for your lagan till 2020 later part.

        You are further advise to always plans your future with realistic goals.


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    On evaluating your horoscope I find that your Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are powerless and your career house and the house of gains have no potency and this is what is causing problems in your studies and success in the examination. Sun and Moon are quite powerful and you could do well in Civil Services. Give it a try along with your attempts to get through the CA examinations too. Read my blog and you will understand my algorithm of evaluations of your horoscope.

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