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career through kp astrology

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    sir my dob 21-9-1973 pob madurai tamilnadu tob 12.10pm kindlly tell me through kp astrology which career is suited for me independent career like bussiness or job?kindlly answer

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    Om Sri Rama

    Hello jayakrishan

    Your dhnaus lagan and mithuna raasi. 7th lord mercury is star if 8th lord moon, sub of mercury. 7th house of occupied by saturn , moon and ketu.

    In bhava lagan comes to vrichaka..and saturn and ketu fall in 7th house taurous.
    Saturn falls in rahu star and venus too and ketu in rahu star.

    As mercury in moon star and in dual sign you are advised to first control your thoughts. And focus in one direction.

    7th lord mercury is placed in 10th house. Both sun and mercury opp 4th house..

    So profession involving real estate. / Job consultancy can be suitable for you .but its ideal if you are in job rather than business as venus is in rahu star placed in lagan and venus itelf in labha stan.

    In bhava chart mars 6th lord in 6th house and mars in sun star well placed in house 10.

    So job is more suitable for you.


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    Moon 3degree in scropio 🌒 can I wear Moon Stone

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Your time of birth is hrs.12.09.20. Then the birth moon connection would be there. This thing all the KP astrologers know. Your lagna is dhanus and rasi is Mithuna. We have to see 10th house for profession. Its sublord is signifying profession as well as business connected to Government. Probably it may be in teaching side or financial sector. Like banks, insurance business.
    In KP analysis the discussion would be like this: 10th cusp sub lord is Saturn. He is in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in lagna sigifying Jupiter. As Jupiter is in 2nd house, your 10th cusp sub lord is connected to 2nd house. Hence it should be jobs connected with Jupiter, like schools, banks, financial sector, insurance. As he is connected to 7th, you have to contact many people. The analysis goes like this.

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      thank you jvs rao sir for answering my question .sir kindlly tell me in my chart lagna lord jupiter is retrograde and debiltated in second house will this have any impact on my career and future according to kp astrology?.i belive that kp astrology is more accurate than other systems of astrology,kindlly give answer

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    Mohan C

    Sir my date of birth is 14.3.1985 Time of birth is 4.10 AM .when can I get govt job.tell me about govt job.

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    AdityaRanjan Guha

    Help Aditya to score high marks & pass his class 12 board2018 with ComputerScience &wat career shud he opt?Will he get nd able to complete his career as Computer Engineer..? AdityaRanjan Guha DOB:24/09/1999time 9:16, of birth.kindly help…he will he do in architecture as his career.kindly guide & bless

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    Dear Jayakrishnan,

    Good that you follow kp astrology. As per BPHS you are one who when works for ₹100, your returns will only be ₹73 and career wise you may not be a happy one.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Jayakrishnan
    Retrograde planets will not do harm in native charts. In horary charts, the retrograde planets will give their results after their motion becomes direct.

    KP astrology is not separate to Traditional astrology. Walking God Kanchi Paramacharya blessed Acharya KSK to fill the gaps. With their kind blessings, Sri KSK could get the blessings of Uchchista Ganapathi and propounded this theory. The readings are as per Parasara Sastra only.

    Thank you for having a good opinion about this theory.

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      thank you very much for answering me i have got one more dout till now i havent got a good job or able to start an independent career kindly tell me when i will be able to get a good job or be able to start independent career?,kindly answer

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