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child birth prediction

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    my wife is pregnant and expect delivery in october , can you please let me know that delivery will be normal or ciserian & baby will be healthy and will it be boy or girl , as we already have one boy

    my details
    place of birth : baroda; gujarat
    time : 12:30 am
    birth date : 7/2/1980

    My wife details

    Place of birth :veraval ; gujarat
    time : 6:40 pm
    birth date : 13/1/1986

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I am reading the horoscope of your wife(born in 1986).
    Her lagna is Kataka.
    The question about children,has to be studied from fifth house.
    She has got Sani in fifth house.
    She already got one son.
    Sani in fifth house is not good.
    But fifth house owner is in a kendra.
    So,she may have a boy child next time.
    Generally ,when sani is in fifth house,
    there will be delay in getting children.
    As she already got first son,that point need not
    be looked into.

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    thanks sir for your prompt reply , so as per my and her natal chart detais is there any major issue during the delivery period of her in october , as our concern is that only that all get well without any complication and will have healthy baby. is there any mantra or gemstone remidy to avoid any disturbance. thanks once again for your review and suggestion.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Saturn mahadasha is going on from January 2017, Saturn is in the 5th house of natal chart and for her lagana, Saturn is functional malefic. It is important that she takes good care of her during this period. Doing remedies of Saturn are important.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Sir we are taking atmost care & development of baby is also good as per the doctor consultation till now & thanks for your prompt reply , but can you please clarify is there any major issue will come during period untill october end of her delivery , there is any indication of miscarriage or will be successful delivery of healthy child , does she requires to wear neelam gemstone shani stone , awaiting for your reply sir

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    navneet sir awaiting for your final reply sir , very grateful if you can justify my query .

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