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Confused about my career

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    Rajveer Singh

    Dear Sir,

    I am very much confused about my career and financial conditions in future. Please guide me little bit as i am very much depressed. Please also see, if their is any kal sarap dosh. I want to know in which field am I going to be settled.

    My details are as mentioned below -:

    Rajveer Singh
    05.05 AM

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Shri Rajveer Ji,


    First of all there is no Kaalsarp dosha in your horoscope, so there is nothing to worry on this front at all.

    Your 10th house of Career is ruled by SUN, which is debilitated in the Navamsa chart. Uncertainly and difficulty in this period related to finance and job will be there. Efforts will not bring desired results and gains will less than expected. You are presently in the mahadasha of Ketu and antar dasha of Saturn, till March 2014. Soe improvement in your career will be there after March 2014. However you should know that you are in the period of Saturns Sadesatti and the period will require you to work hard and be focused. Saturn being the planet of discipline and determination will give goof rewards if you follow those principles in your life. You will be well settled in your career in the 30th year of birth.

    Doing the below remedies will bring you enormous gains.

    1. Keep fast on Mondays.
    2. Recite Mantra OM Namaha Shivaye 108 times daily.
    3. Take few drops of Honey in the morning everyday before you leave for work.

    God Bless,

    Navneet Khanna

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    Rajveer Singh

    Dear Mr. Naveen ji,

    I am really obliged by your quick and accurate services.
    Thanks for clearing the confusion of Kal sarap dosh. I would like to request
    you to please also tell me about my career field and my financial conditions in future. Will it be good for me post March 2014.


    Rajveer Singh.

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    Navneet Khanna

    The period in 2014 will be much better than what you are facing at the moment. Remember that you are in the period of Saturn Sade satti , which is the period of Saturn transit over your Natal moon. This is indeed a difficult times and the recipe for success is decipline, determination and self introsception. dicipline in your work, determination to succeed and introspection of where things need improvemnt are the qualities of Saturn and the same should be done to bring about changes in your life. Overall I see you doing very well eventually, however adopting the suggestions will put you on the path to success.


    Navneet Khanna

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    bhavin bhatia

    Sir I am totally messed up by choosing engg as a career option I dont know what to do
    I just want to know what I will be doing in future
    My birthdetails are
    Dob 4th oct 1992
    Time 7:30am
    Mumbai, , maharashtra, india

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Bhavin,

    Looking at your birth chart, there is a strong planetary position indicating that eventually you will do your own work and you will do very well in it. However it will be prudent to complete your engineering as you are already taken the course. Going forward it will help you certainly. Doing the below remedies will bring you gains.

    1. Wear Pearl in Silver on your right hand little finger on Monday morning before 10 AM.

    2. Read Hauman Chalisa Daily.

    God Bless,

    Navneet Khanna

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    bhavin bhatia

    Thankyou sir
    Thanks alot

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    Rajveer SIngh

    Thanks a lot for your valuable reply sir. You are really a nice man. I would like to know when my career is gonna be established and in which field will it be. Currently, i am working with a private company, where i do not see much scope of growth. I am also interested in working in Govt department.

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