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correct lagna

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    my dob 21 sep 1973 pob trivandrum kerala tob 12,10pm sir astrological softwares shows my lagna as dhanu but my manual horoscope it is scorpio kindlly tell me my correct lagna ?am i born in lagna sandhi if so suggest remedy

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    Navneet Khanna

    As per the chart Im also getting your lagna as Sagittarius or Dhanu. Rashi as Gemini. We see that Rahu is in the lagna. Apparently, it can be because of different ayanamsa. The ayanamsa which Im using is Lahiri. Possibly the manual chart that has been constructed has used different ayanamsa calculations.

    What you should do is go for birth chart rectification. This is a method which based upon your important life events, personality and appearance will check what is your correct lagna.


    Navneet Khanna

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Friend
    You have given your name as jaiinku. But someone gives guest, some other gives pt like wise. You also know that the softwares are run according to algorithm written by the engineers. The computers will not know the sex of the native. The computer studies the chart and gives its predictions in writing that “X” will go for drinking alcohol in a particular period. As the computer does not know the sex of the native, it gives the predictions.
    What does it mean? The software engineers should know the importance of parameters like sex, ayanamsa and develop the software, so that there would be no confusion. I am not commenting or discouraging anyone.
    As per KP system, your lagna is dhanus 0d 23m 25s. Lagna sublord is Ketu in 7th signifying Moon sign. Lagna sublord Ketu is signifying 10th house. Hence you should have reputation.
    When the chart is cast manually as per local almanac, chances of these disturbances for lagna sandhi are more. Only reason behind this is the ayanamsa.

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    I am from Kerala and his lagna is Sagittarius (Dhanu) 0 degrees 18 minutes 57.19 seconds as per the system followed in Kerala Lahiri Chitra paksha Ayanamsa. There is no scope for any confusion.

    Regarding evaluation of the horoscope you can come through Paid Services after reading my blog

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