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Dasha Sandhi

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    Sakhar Rao


    Please advice me how do we know whether an upcoming Mahadasha is good or not. Suppose if someone is facing lot of hardships at the end of a given dasha that Too during dasha Sandhi period, doesn’t that mean the upcoming Mahadasha is bad for him. My understanding is , one should feel the good or bad effects of the upcoming Mahadasha during Dasha Sandhi period itself ,during the Fag end of current dasha itself. For example if someone is going from Rahu to Jupiter, he will face adversities during end part of Rahu if upcoming Jupiter is bad . Otherwise if Jupiter is good , his Rahu dasha end part would show its effects . Please correct me if I am wrong .

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    There are different situations and different designs of
    horoscopes.It is not possible to tell in one or two sentences.

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    I have been transiting from Rahu maha dasha 26/12/17 ends to Jupiter maha dasha 27-12-17 begins, I am going through dasha sandhi period, hence I suffering from huge health (stomach )problem. My dob is 25-08-1977 time 11: 15 PM. at jaleswar, odisha.

    Please advice me when my jupiter will be strong and good time for me come and my health problem will ok and how i will be benefited from My jupiter mahadasha.


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