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Deepak ji Anand kUMAR JI ….please answer

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    When will I get married? please tell about him

    16 August 1985
    11:15 am
    born in Philadelphia,pennsylvania , US

    Thank you

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    Astro Anand Kumar
    Astro Anand Kumar

    Hello greetings from Astrologymag, This is Anand panel astrologer writing after answering your horoscope as per your details.
    Your Lagna is Kanya, Star is Magam owned by Ketu, Rasi is Leo where Moon is staying. Your Navamsa also having same lagna hence it is gaining Vargothama position.
    Well currently you are running Moon dasa which will run for 10 years from 13/2/17 to 13/2/27. Moon having star lord of Ketu and Sub lord also Ketu. Ketu is sitting in 2nd house of family along with Saturn which is exalted but gains minimum point in Astavarga. As Ketu is sitting in family area causes delay in marriage.
    7th lord spouse area is owned by Guru who is sitting in 5th house capricorn in retrograde hence the effect of Guru is better due to that as this house dipiliated or Neecha house for Guru.
    Taking all into considerations you are likley to get marry during 2020 when Moon and Guru phase joining.
    When I checked your Navamsa also confers the same timing.


    For further questions and detailed reading do sent me mail.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    1.In your horoscope,Sani and kuja are seeing each other.
    It is not good.
    2.You dont have much Guru Bala,as Guru is neecha.
    Weak Guru is being seen kuja and Budha.
    Not so good.
    Dont wait for planetary help.
    You have to put in double effort and reduce the
    requirements of bridegroom.
    Simultaneously,follow some spiritual practices to
    reduce negative effect of planets.
    1.Observe fasting for one day in a week.You can eat
    uncooked vegetables on that day.Do like that for
    2.Feed birds and animals.
    3.Daily do ten anga pradakshinams daily.
    If you dont know what that means,ask any
    priest in any temple.
    4.Stand in a cow position for one or two minutes,
    chant some mantra .Take rest for 4mins.
    AGain stand in cow posture and again stand mantra
    you like for two mins..
    YOu can repeat like that for 3 or 4times,with intermittent
    rest period.

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    Thank you sir,
    I thought maybe in second half of 2018 I will get marry but 2020 is ver late for me.
    is it possible tell me more about him? his job or face…

    please tell me a little more because I really worried about my life.


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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Contact me for free consultation how to reduce evil of planets.
    Start searching alliance and also starting fasting method.

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    Moon-Rahu period from 5/7/2018 to 3/1/2020 will be good for marriage as Rahu is placed in 7th house in Chalit. Currently Rahu has moved to your 11th house of desire fulfillment from today and once Jupiter moves to your 3rd house (from where it will aspect 7th house of marriage) around Oct 2018, chances should be better (it will be a love affair most likely).

    Your 7th house of marriage is weak as Jupiter is retrograde & neecha while aspected by 8th lord Mars.

    You should get your horoscopes matched (when time comes) and keep your anger in check as otherwise married life would see ups and downs.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    thank yo Deepak ji,

    he is foreigner? is it possible I know what is his job?

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    Deepak ji,

    could you elaborate about (it will be a love affair most likely).

    love affair means I am cheating or I will cheat.

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