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    HI, I suffer from depression, Please let me know when will i get relief from depression that is when it ends, a mental suffering? DOB : 28/02/1985 Place: VARANASI, UP Time :7:24 PM

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    Recite Narayanakavacham daily and by the time you learn it by heart, you will come out of your depression.

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    Respected TMR SIR ,

    I TOLD THAT I SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION AND YOU PREVOIUSLY PREDICTED MY NEXT DASHA JUP MAH WITH MER ANT Merc: 2015-01-31 – 2017-05-08 – Highly malefic with poor strength……….

    So here as we know no one can alter destiny but can spiritual blessing of spiritual guru can cure depression?or what by blessing and heal planets that is change planets couse and strength by blessing as we always hear alteration of destiny by saint like Sai baba,Amritanandmayi maa that is amma etc,if they wish.

    Does spiritual advancement is predicted in horoscope as I have sign of fish in my both hands which I Read as matsya yoga in net and also sign of island on my head line in both hands which is signified not good can it be cause of depression.

    Please respond at the earliest

    Thanks and god bless.

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    We are not palmists and we do not predict based on signs in the palms. Spiritual enlightenment comes only through acquisition of knowledge by reading scriptures etc. You hear so many things about many saints and babas and ammas, but we have no means to verify their capabilities. Perhaps you could visit them to get over your depression.

    Sun and Moon or Mars and Jupiter etc. cannot exchange their places in the zodiac to give you better times. If you are looking for spiritual enlightenment this forum is not much suited for that. We are running an Astrology Forum to evaluate the horoscopes and a few other things which could warn you in advance of good or bad days. Forewarned is forearmed.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Depression is common these days and it can be easily identified in a horoscope. You should read the Article “Astrology Remedies for depression” and try to do the remedies and I’m sure these remedies will certainly help you.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Good Noon Sir

    My DOB=06 July 1982
    Plcae=Bareilly(Uttar Pradesh)
    Time=12:45 PM

    Respected Sir

    I am very much depressed as I am going through a very tough phase in my life,My relation with everybody has become bitter, I am not getting any clue what is happening with me.Sometimes some very unfriendly things use to happen with me which has made my life miserable.At present I am jobless also.Seeking your advice why such a phase is going in my life and how can i recover myself from this.


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    Read Navneetji’s reply to the previous post and you can follow the same remedies.

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    Sir, Request you to tell about my future , how will I get along with my family as at present relations are very much bitter and when will my work or job settle down.

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