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Financial Capability

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    Dear TMR Sir,
    19/09/1984, 05.25 Am, Kolkata.

    I have been facing financial dificulties since many years and now whatever financial help i was receiving from my gaurdian has stopped and i am in critical point in my life. I would like to know about my financial capability and capability to earn own money. I am inSat_sat dasha .I have Sat exalted but a malefic owing sixth house presently transiting my natal mars and ketu creating karmic backlog. Sat debilitated in dasamsa being 10th lord and mercury going in12th. I have done engineering but i am not sble to utilize my degree. Plz help me in judging whether i will be employed somewhere or not and in whiich sector should i try.
    My saturn mount in right hand is down so is my birth chart and timings correct ? I am asking tnis because my saturn is exalted.

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    Your Saturn has only around 20% strength and your Mercury has 1% strength both of which are unlikely to produce beneficial results to you. You will have to wait till 2020 when planets may start helping you. Engineering obviously is not your subject with Mercury being totally powerless. Try to get some job till then though it may not be to your liking.

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    Nameshte guruji,
    My husband is not doing good at all in business and incurred huge loan which we are finding difficult to repay. Please guide. His birth details 18/11/1976 at 8.32 am Ghatkopar mumbai

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    Thank you sir for your reply.Actually I am very much inclined to technical studies and wish to continue my studies ahead to pg level.

    I got selected in some of the premier institutes in India as well as abroad but could not go ahead due to financial crunch.

    Will I be sucessfull ingeting a jobin Telecom sector?

    Is my mercury retro ?


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