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    Mukul Agarwal

    I need help with vastu of the house. Main door is nothing facing. Kitchen is in north east. Bedroom 1 is east, bedroom 2 is south east, bedroom 3 is worth west. Living room covers North East and North West. 2 bathrooms are are in west and south west.

    Please suggest.

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    I personally think that you are having some misinformation about Vastu shastra and that you can use it in the construction of a small 3 bedroom house in a small area of 5 to 10 cents of land. To my mind it is useful only for the construction of Temples, Cities, Towns and planning of roads and such other major architecture. I presume you have some problems not associated with your house and you suspect it is due to Vastu dosha. Please read and you will certainly understand the theories behind it and it hardly fits into the domain of your small house.

    There are ever so many one, two or three bedroom flats up to 50 stories high and I am sure that people living in them could ever bother about the vastu shastra and live in them. And people living in crowded places can never build their house conforming to the architecture needed for a temple/towns or villages.

    Vastu has nothing to do with Astrology nor the other way round. I suggest you consult a vastu expert if there is one, which I doubt very much. I think you should visit an architecture engineer instead if there are any structural problem with the house.

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