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How is my partner prone to infidelity?

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    Vishal Bajwa

    Hello everyone. I wanted to know how is my partner prone to infidelity. Her date of birth is 4th October 1997 and time of birth is 1:0 5AM.

    Thanks for your help. I have been going through some stress so came here for help.

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    Your partner has a decent horoscope and is unlikely to be having any chance of being an infidel. Perhaps your horoscope is having a biased temperament of infidelity about your partner. After all at 20 years of age one is not mature enough to be showing acts of infidelity.

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      Vishal Bajwa

      Sir, how will be her relationship with my family since her Rahu is in second house.

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    Who told you Rahu is in the second house? In fact Rahu is in the third house and therefore Rahu is not going to affect the second house significations. She has some other health problems possible and that is not going to be sufficient reason to call her an infidel.

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      Sir, I think online kundali websites have given me wrong information. Her original kundali is lost.

      By the way her online kundali says a lot of bad things about her but actually she’s a very religious person, regularly goes to temple, respects her elders, and is also very emotional, she has a soft heart for animals also. Your definition of her seems to be correct.

      my kundali

      Do my kundali has any kind of problem? Maybe that’s why I’m so suspicious.

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    Your partner has Mars and Venus conjunction in the 5th house which makes a person extremely sexual and the 5th house is the house for love affairs.The 7th house has a debilitated Jupiter and 7th lord is Saturn placed in a dual-sign.The 5th cuspal sub-lord is Mercury which is signifying 12,2,3 houses which could show secret marital affairs.Also Rahu placed in the 2nd house increases these tendencies.

    There are strong tendencies for extra marital affairs

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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      My kundali

      I have posted my kundali. Can you help me by ttelling something about my marriage with this woman? Will marriage be happy?

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