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Love Marriage

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    I want to marry my girl friend. Initially both of our parents accepted for marriage later on they said that kundali doesn’t match and she has mangal dosha and I don’t have any mangal dosha. I have gone through various sites and came to know that her mangal dosha is cancelled due to some Jupiter planet and Meena raasi (Pisces).

    Could you please help us. Please suggest us on how to get married.
    Below are the birth details:

    Name : Kumar
    DOB: 17th Nov. 1989
    Time : 08:50 AM
    Place: Hyderabad

    Name: Sirisha
    DOB : 20th June 1995
    Time : 10:35 PM
    Place : Chebrolu (west godavari, nearest place Tadepalligudam)

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your horoscope is not having kuja dosha.
    But other doshas are thre in your horoscope.
    YOur lagna is Dhanush.
    For your lagna,Sani and Sukra are very bad
    planets.They are sitting in lagna.
    It is bad.
    Sani is seeing seventh house.
    It is also bad.
    YOu got Gaja kesari yoga in seventh house.
    It is good.
    But Sani is seeing seventh house and also
    So,you should be careful in selecting your wife.
    You horoscope is showing some marriage problems.

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    Thank you sir.

    If I Marry her what will happen?
    Are there any remedies?

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