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Love Marriage in my chart?

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    Hello sir,
    Kindly tell me if I would be able to marry the one I love.My love life is very Disturbedkinsly tell me will I be able to convert my love into marriage
    Pob: mumbai
    Will be very grateful for your valuable prediction


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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    Love marriage is possible with a lot of struggle. Your 5th lord in D1 and D9 is weak

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      Thank u so much for your valuable prediction and very true sir i HV a serious problem in my love life.Sir is it possible to know how long will I have to suffer until he finally marries me? Really very DIFFICULT to say if I can save my love life or not?
      Sir kindly help

      Thanks again!!!

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    There may be a possibility of marriage by Apr-Sept 2019.

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    Thank you sir

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    Sir is there no chance this year for love Marriage? Could you please suggest any remedy as am facing alot of pressure from my family they are trying to fix my marriage in my same caste as early as possible.
    Sir would be very grateful if you can suggest any remedy

    Thanks in advance

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    Marriage cannot be possible in 2018. Pl Goddess Mahalakshmi on Thursdays will help you

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    Thank you sir

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    Plzz sir predit my father age.. He is not well right now..
    Dob 22/06/1967
    Time 22:10
    Place Narnaul

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