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love or arranged marriage

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    shruthi b r

    my date of birth is 22/09/1991
    place :bangalore
    time:5:49 pm
    ting the same.
    i am in love with a guy who isnt reciprocating the same.
    i dont want to marry anyone other than him.
    so would i get married to the one i love. or no marriage?

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    Astrology is not clairvoyance which can answer questions without any related data. Your question cannot be answered using Astrological axioms. Love is after marriage and before that it is only infatuation and not love.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You are telling that he is not reciprocating your love.
    How can marriage happen with him?
    You may love a person who is very well off or in a very good job.
    Many girls can do that.
    Even if both of you love each other,marriage may not happen.
    That is not for astrology.
    Your lagna is Kumbha.
    Lagna or first house contains Moon.-Partially good.
    Sixth house-Sukra-bad.
    Sevent house-Guru and Budha.-Very good.
    Eighth house-Kuja and ravi-bad
    Eleventh house-rahu
    12th house-Sani.-very bad.
    You are running Sani period until 2029.
    Some obstacles may be there in your marriage.

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