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Mangal dosha

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    Hema jain

    Some astrologers are saying my mangal dosh gets cancelled coz mars is in 12 th house & in vrishabha ( tauras) rasi …is it correct or not
    I can marry non manglik boy as i have partial mangal dosha
    Me : dob :11/11/1990
    Time :21:45 pm
    Place: betul
    Boy:dob :24/07/1990
    Time :5:09 am
    Plz tell me i can marry with non manglik boy …if yes any remedy is needed

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    Boy has “Medium Mangal Dosh” & hema has “No Mangal Dosh”
    Since there is a difference in the level of Mangal dosh in girl’s and boy’s horoscope, usually marriage is not preferable. It is advisable to consult a learned astrologer before proceeding to marriage.

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