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    I am divorced. Born in Mumbai November 3,1981 at 4:05 Am. None of the relationships work out. will I ever get married again?

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    There is nothing like a second marriage. Once you are married, you remain a married person. Your virginity is lost. Those who predict second and third marriages using astrology are illiterates and they misuse astrology just to make money. Marriage is the union of body, mind and soul and once you had it in life, you are technically married and can do it as many times as you like in your whole life.

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    you are a person with dual personality and daydreamer and you will not be excited about any event in life as you might have lived with the event in your dream. You have a very high ego and very smart and understand very fast. Hence, you will be finding it difficult to maintain relationships.

    Since your 7th house is aspected by Saturn (owner of the 6th house) and Mars (owner of the 8th house)and the second house is occupied by Sun (owner of the 12th house) your marriage has resulted in divorce.

    marriage is possible but will not be sustainable

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      When will the marriage happen again? Is there any remedies?

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    You can try to resort to Mudra Healing details of which you can get from the internet which could change your thoughts and feelings.

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