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Marriage between Mangalik and Non Mangalik

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    Navneet Khanna

    One of the Site Visitors posted this message through email. I found it interesting and putting in the forum for opinion by other experts.

    Marriage between Mangalik and Non Mangalik

    It is said that if a ‘Manglik’ marries a ‘Non-Manglik’ that he or she will have problems in their married life and can even die. Every married couple will have problems in their married life and both of them will eventually die so what does being ‘Manglik’ or ‘Non-Manglik’ have to do with anything?

    My friend is a ‘Manglik’ who has married a ‘Non-Manglik’. They are both healthy and have been happily married for many years and then there are other friends of mine that have been told by an Indian Astrologer that they are both compatible for marriage and that everything will be fine. They were constantly arguing and fighting and recently have been divorced.
    It is said that if a ‘Manglik’ marries another ‘Manglik’ then the effects will cancel each other out. If both the couples are dominated by Mars which is said to be energy, passion etc then surely these qualities and effects will increase. It is like if two people have a bottle of orange juice and they both pour the orange juice into a glass, the quantity of orange juice will increase, so then how can two ‘Mangliks’ cancel each other out?
    How long would a ‘Manglik’ have to perform rituals in order to no longer be ‘Manglik?’
    After the rituals are performed, how would the ‘Manglik’ person know that the ritual was successful and that they are no longer ‘Manglik?’
    Please get back to me as soon as you can.
    Thank you.

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    Obviously Manglik is one who has Mars in 7th, 8th, 4th, 2nd and 12th houses. Normally astrologers take it as being present anywhere in the above houses irrespective of the longitudes of Mars within those houses. If it exactly tallies with the Ascendant longitude, it will be having 100% residential strength. The further it is from the Asc longitude, the effect also decreases correspondingly. Many a times Mars present in the 7th house or Rasi will actually be in the 6th or 8th house if they are not within the cusps of those houses. And most astrologers are unaware of it.

    And why is Mars considered to be dangerous in a marriage?. Mars signifies sexual potency and if both have equal sexual potency you can consider it as very good. But if one has a weak sexual potency and the other highly potent, naturally the marriage will be an unhappy one. Vichitraveerya of Maha Bharata was one who was highly Manglik and due to his over indulgence in sex in his 3 wives, died when he was young and that is where Mahabharata starts when Saint Vyasa had to father Dritharashtra, Pandu and Vidura.

    It is mainly for sustenance of this universe this sexual urge is there in all living beings and they get it free of effort even if it is a worm or an elephant. We check horoscopes of potential couples only to ensure that this purpose is well served. And being a Manglik is therefore not a sin, it is a measure of sexual potency and there is no need for being afraid of one who is highly Manglik. Please read my articles on where I have exposed many myths and misconceptions in Astrology.

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    If a partner is manglik and in others native the saturn or rahu are placed in the corresponding house where mars is placed in maglik horoscope does the effect gets cancelled?

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    All planets can be benefic or malefic based on their placements, lordship and aspects from other planets. What you are referring to as malefic are natural malefic which can turn benefic by aspects and placements. Mars, Sun, Rahu, Saturn are natural malefics, but will do lot of benefic results depending on their strength, placement and aspects from other planets.

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    I have seen many couple , one is manglik other one is non-mangalik and surviving their married life happily.

    Why it is important to study manglik dosh and perform it remedy?

    I have research on number of website about this fact.


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    Ok you can go and marry a manglik man.

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    Boy : 20/6/1989 time is 9.08a.m
    Girl 19/12/1992 time is 4.16 pm
    Please tell us whether marriage is preferable . And let us know the details .
    Thank u

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    Srinivas Balasubramanian

    Dear Sirs,

    Kindly guide me whether I can marry a girl having low mangalik dosha.How will be my married life.Your guidance will be very much helpful and i would be grateful.

    My details(Boy’s):-
    Name:-Srinivas Balasubramanian
    Place of Birth:-Bangalore,Karnataka,India
    Time of Birth:-8:10 PM.(Night)

    Girl’s details:-
    Name:-Medha Choudhary
    Place of Birth:-
    Time of Birth:-12.45PM(Afternoon)

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    Hi sir,

    I am in love with a girl but my parents are worried about her star and kundali matching is only 10 points .does the marriage leads to any harm to family numbers? Plz answer


    Place: Bhimavaram


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      Go for a paid compatibility check. It will cost you but it will be worth it than repenting later. I have seen numerous examples of people who come to mefor consultation.

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    This thread has been very interesting. Time and again this question pops up, that whether a Mangalik and a Non-Mangalik should marry or Only Mangaliks must marry. There are horrendous imaginations, scaring predictions and both anecdotal as well as personal researched evidence given by some in this regard. Many so called’Learned’ astrologers base their predictions on Mangalik Dosa based on their ‘Learning’ rather than ‘ proper understanding and reasoning’ and that’s why this confusion. Therefore it’s important to understand this topic in a proper way.

    What is Mangalik Dosha? So when two people decide that they want to enter into a ‘VIVAHA’ (i.e to travel together on a journey or mission. VAHA in hindi means route or path as in VAHAN- Transport etc.) they go to a learned astrologer for a peek into the future of such a team (couple). The Hindu astrology has a system of compatibility check based on various parameters Ashtakoota-8 parameters or Dashakoota-10 parameters, based on which a learned astrologer makes his assessment and recommendations. But this scoring is just a part of the holisitic check. Then comes various Doshas like Mangalik (not part of Koots) and other doshas which are part of the koot system (8/10 koots). Mangalik Dosha is formed when Mangla(Mars) is placed in 1,4,7,8,12 houses from Ascendant or Lagna or Moon. LAgna being representative of physical and material realm of an indivijual and moon represents Mind, therefore Mangal Dosh should be interpreted as effects of MAngla at physical and mental level of a being and how it’s placement affects his/her partners, associations and spouse. Marriage being the most important of associations thus attracts primacy and due importance thus it’s important to look at it seriously. Connecting MAngla Dosha to Sex or Sexual desire is too naive for an astrologer as there is another parameter and Bhava for determining same.
    There are accordingly combinations under which the MAngla Dosh is considered neutralised or ineffective so as to cause extremely adverse effects like Death of spouse. A learned astrologer knows how to determine Yogas, houses, Divisional Chart etc for predicting death.
    At best Mangla Dosh should be related more to the Agression, Initiative, Tenacity, temprament or Will power of the person. Only after a holistic view should an astrologer comment about the Compatibility check and Mangla Dosha. Personally I would recommend that it is preferable to look for a Mangalik person as per ancient wisdom. But it’s extremely important to take an opinion of more than one learned astrologers before taking a final call. In fact in the modern world where global connectivity has already shrunk the distances and love, inter-caste, or say global marriages are on the rise and parental guidance, advice and influence of elders is already at minimal levels the relevance of Vedic Astrology and need of a learned Astrologer has become even more critical than ever.

    Good Luck
    Om Tat Sat

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    hey, I am boy a Jyotish but if both girl and boy serious about marriage then go to ujjain ( A temple city in India)… here is a mandir where you can get rid of your mangal dosha. Chech mangal dosha with Manglik mangal dosha calculator

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    There are so many fake places like that in India where all your problems will be resolved free by paying a visit to them and donate liberally in the hundis.

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    Soumyadeep Saha

    DATE OF BIRTH # 13/12/1983
    TIME OF BIRTH # 02:42 AM

    Please confirm me am I Manglik if yes than what to do to cancelled the same, please let me know the remedies. ( Is wearing hanuman kavach is a remedy to cancel the manglik dosh)

    My Wife Details #

    DATE OF BIRTH # 16/09/1984
    TIME OF BIRTH # 17:17 PM


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      Navneet Khanna

      You both have mangal dosha. You are complete Mangalik, while your wife has partial mangal dosha. The Rahu – Moon period of your wife is not good. It is giving her health problems. The last period of Rahu mahadasha is challenging for health. Doing the Rahu remedies will surely help.


      Navneet Khanna

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        Soumyadeep Saha

        So Manglik dosh has been cancelled in our case ?

        And what are the Rahu remedies, please confirm.

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    The strength of the fourth house of your wife is deplorably poor and this will definitely attract chest related problems and suitable treatment has to be taken as a remedy rather than following unproved astrological remedies. Read my article “Medical Astrology” on blog

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    Hello Astrologers.

    My marriage is getting delayed for a long time. Apart from love i have all comforts in life. I am well educated, travelled a lot, financially settled but unfortunately my marriage is getting delayed. For the past 5 years I never got a horoscope matching. Do I have any marriage signs in my chart. If I do have marriage signs what sort of spouse can I expect. Please help.

    Gender – Male
    D.O.B – 04th June 1986

    Place of Birth – Indergarh, Datia District

    Time – 6:02 AM

    Thank you.

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    You have one horoscope which will beget you a son in the last quarter of 2019 and accordingly you will get married 10 months before that. Read my blog to know the algorithm of how I have arrived at that conclusion

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