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Marriage delay

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    My Marriage is being delayed. No proposal is being set cause of one or the other issues. Please suggest as to why is this happening

    Dob : 24th july 1987
    Time : 21.49pm
    Place : mangalore

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS (KP astrologer)

    You might have got alliances from 11-10-2007 which is a proper age and missed at reaching final stage. Saturn period is from 20-10-1997 to 19-10-2016. Saturn is in 9th house (other parties to negotiate) and aspecting 3rd house(negotiations from your side). Saturn is in the star of Mercury in 4th (static) and sub of Venus (3rd and 4th house) who is in 5th.
    Because of Saturn and other factors like transit might have cooperated to fructify the event.
    Now Mercury period started. There are chances for alliances to come and fix one in the period after 30-10-2018. Marriage would be within 18-03-2019. In case of any failure it would be in Ketu period which is from 18-03-2019 to 14-03-2020.
    The groom would be from strange family and already known to you in whom you have much interest or it may be one of the previous alliances.
    Good Luck

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS (KP astrologer)

    Sorry for typing error:
    “Because of Saturn and other factors like transit might have cooperated to fructify the event.” to be read as
    “Because of Saturn and other factors like transit might not have cooperated to fructify the event.”

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    Thanks for the reply sir but i was also told that mars is very weak in my horoscope and thats also causing the delay for my marriage? Is it true

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS (KP astrologer)

    Dear Ridhi
    I have explained above regarding delay of marriage. Mars is no way connected for delay. Have you spent any money for boosting the strength of Mars to the astrologers or purohits.
    Mars is in a watery sign. Generally fire is extinguished by water. Mars is in the 2nd sign from Moon and Venus. They say it is mangal dosha. When Mars is weak in a watery sign, how can he delays the marriage. Mars is for giving or boosting energy to participate in the conjugal relationship. Conjugal relationship arises when? Only after both are united with wedlock. Then how can he affect marriage? I do not understand.
    In your case Mars is in 5th house with lord of 7th Sun who is the significator of marriage. 5th house is for love and children. So Mars gives marriage and love from husband and children. Is it not good? Mars is the lord of 2nd and 10th. You will gain through profession.
    I am evaluating the chart through Krishna Murthy Paddathi. If the marriage does not happen please give me feedback, so I will check up my mistake.
    To believe me or not, is upto you.

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    thank you so much sir for giving a detailed analysis, i will surely let u know if my marriage doesn’t happen in the said time.

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