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marriage prediction

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    Dear astrologers kindly tell me that when will I get marry?and how will be my married life ?love or arrange

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    Plz anyone reply…

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    The strength of your planets are not good enough to get married. Have a look at them

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 49.93 Malefic
    Moon 41.94 Benefic
    Mars 29.37 Benefic
    Mercury 0.27 Benefic
    Jupiter 2.92 Benefic
    Venus 14.02 Malefic
    Saturn 70.93 Benefic
    Rahu 37.68 Benefic
    Kethu 30.72 Benefic

    Net 29.70 Benefic

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    Thank u so much sir for your reply…toh sir meri shadi nahi hogi kya

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    Agar shadi ho bhi jay, usse aap ko khushi milna asambhav hai. Ho saktha hai ki aap ki janam samay theek na ho.

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    Sir ab mai thoda chintit ho gaya kya meri lufemeri life partner achi nahi hogi kya woh dupportive nahi hogi actually me problem ky higi meri martied life me

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    Your horoscope is too weak for marriage. Seventh lord Mars is in 8th house and karaka of marriage Venus is debilitated and combust with Sun. Except Sun none of your planets are in nakshatra of 7th lord Mars or have Mars have sublord (so marriage combination is not coming up). However if we change your time to 6:45 things change (so you need to be 100% sure of time or use prashna or horary when time may not be accurate).

    If time you provided is 100% correct, small chance of marriage will be in Mer-Sun from 6/10/2028 to 12/8/2029 (I know it will be too late from age point of view).

    I suggest cross checking time or using prashna to answer this question

    God bless
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Thank u so much deepak sir ..mera birth time 6:45 or 6:55 ke bich confusing h agar 6:45 time hoti hai toh kripaya bataye shadi ke chances kab ban rahe hai thank you so much for your reply sir

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