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Mother in law

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    Namaste sir,

    My name is Ashwini. My details are below:

    Dob – 5.1.1986
    time – 0.56.00 (mid night)
    place – Bangalore
    sex – female

    Sir I got married in Aug 2007. I have good relations with my husband. But my mother in law has been extremely intolerant of me since my marriage. She is a divorcee and does not tolerate me being happy and peaceful.

    I have convinced my husband of moving out and separating from my mother in law, but circumstances are not helping us. More we try to move out, more we are finding it difficult.

    Can you please advice us, how soon we will set up our own sweet home away from my mother in law. Thank you for your kind service.


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    As per your charts, you may have to nurse your MIL when she is terminally ill. For more information your MIL’s horoscope has to be evaluated.

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    Thanks sir. Please see the details of
    my MIL:
    dob – 23:09:1958
    Time – 5:10

    she hates to see my face. I do not think she will take my help for anything.


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    Yes she has a Parivraja/Pravarjya yoga due to moon in navamasa of mars aspected by Saturn in Rasi and this could lead to MIL problems as you indicated.

    But your 4th house indicative of mental happiness in family life is deficient with a very poor potency for the house and you will have to put up with your MIL. Running away from her will not solve your problem. There there will be other problems. A known devil is better than an unknown one.

    Read to understand the method of evaluating a horoscope.

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