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My daughters career

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    Deba Prasad Dutta

    Following is the birth detail of my daughter . I want to know when will she get a job . She is unemployed from nov 2017

    Dob 5th June 1981
    Time 5.10 am
    Place of birth Kolkata
    Current location Mumbai
    Marital status married

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    she can try , april – may 2018 seems suitable for job…let her work on any skill she is lacking in


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    Deba Prasad Dutta

    What is her chances of getting a job during this period? Please guide

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    Have a look at the strength of her planets and nature

    Planet Nature Net effect

    Sun Benefic 92.70
    Moon Malefic 80.36
    Mars Malefic 20.53
    Mercury Benefic 12.54
    Jupiter Benefic 15.14
    Venus Malefic 21.85
    Saturn Benefic 1.14
    Rahu Malefic 1.11
    Kethu Benefic 1.41

    Net Benefic 28.75

    She is running Mercury Mahadasa Moon antardasa and by end August 2018, if she does not get a job, she is unlikely to get one in the near future.

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    Deba Prasad Dutta

    Can I approach you for a remedy ? As she needs a job desperately.

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    Read my article “Are there remedies in Astrology” on my blog and act accordingly rather than employing a broker or middleman.

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