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My daughters detail

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    Her health is always an issue. And even after her birth her dad’s health is also not good and business is also getting down day by day. can you please tell me what are the remedies??

    may 1st 2015
    Date of birth kathmandu
    time 9:00am friday

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V Subbarao

    There is no life danger to both the father and daughter. She is running Moon dasa and Saturn bhukti. It is from 25-08-2017 to 26-03-2019. As they are signifying 8th house (house of disappointments etc) to the father, there won’t be returns in business. To the daughter Saturn is in 6th house. She will have to face minor ill health related to cold problems.
    The father will go for change of business after 26-03-2019. He will have slow improvement in business.
    Good luck.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Her lagna is Midhuna.
    Lagna lord is in 12th house.It will give some
    troubles regarding health.
    Her lagna is in between Suka and Guru.
    Such children are protected by gods.
    It is called Subha argala yoga.
    Sukra is in own house.Guru is exalted.
    Lagna is hemned between Deva Guru and Asura
    Guru.It is very very good.

    Father’s health and finances are not due to
    this child.Father’s horoscope has to be studied.

    Her health problems can be cured with this following


    Your disease can be cured with veganism plus detox therapy
    in 30 or 40days.
    Veganism means avoiding animal products.
    YOu have to avoid milk products(milk,
    curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,ghee),nonveg,fish,eggs,sweets for
    30 or 40days.In this method,she has to drink unfiltered
    leaf juice of 30coriander leaves,15 mint leaves ,10gms of
    ginger and 15 gms of bittergroud.You can eat other food items.

    The above dose of leaf juice is for elders.
    For children,the dose is 10coridander leaves,5mint leaves,3gms
    of ginger and 3gms of bittergourd.

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    name prashant(male)
    dear sir we both are working job on contract basis. Please tell when i get good job or good income. How will be our carrier.when i get our own house. Hows our future income. Can we fullfil our needs

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V Subbarao

    Meetu and Prashant
    This is not the way to interfere in some others’ posts. What all you want, ask in a separate post. Interfering in some others’ posts, clearly says that you are in confused state.

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    Meetu and Prashant,

    It is very unlikely that you will get a good stable job unless you improve your English and do a bit of skill development. Check how many mistakes are there in your question. Obviously you will have to consult someone to find them.

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