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Need help

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    Sonia lohakare

    Hello Navneet sir,

    Please help us we are going to fix my brother s marriage. bhatji said there is only 13 gun and nadi dosh
    please advise us

    boy : sachin pawar
    date of birth : 5th Sep 1986
    birth of time : 7.35 evening
    place : nashik

    girl : anuradha nerkar
    date of birth : 19th Nov 1990
    birth of time : 1.00 midnight [am]
    place : kopargaon

    please sir save us waiting for your reply

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at the horoscope matching we see that the Guna milan score is 13 out of 36, which is less than 18 that is required for marriage. There is Gana dosha and also Adya Nadi dosha as the boy belongs to Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra and the Girl belongs to Jyeshtha Nakshatra. However as there is no Nadi Paad Vedha it is not a complete Nadi dosha.

    Having said that the boys horoscope is weak on the marriage part and should be strengthen before marriage.


    Navneet Khanna

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      Dharm Shankar

      Please help me , nobody have clear vision about my situation and now I am completly EMPTY.

      I am jobless from 28th april 2015, in between one year, I did job for 2-3 month and now i don”t have money to pay rent, kids fee or anything. I was in gurgaon but due to this situation, I have back to home and starting small business from computer institute.

      My date of birth is 9th july in my original kundli but i changed to 10th july , as the timing is 4.30 AM.

      I have wear Emrald,Sapphire and JARKAN. I do have on silver chain in neck with rudraksh and one silver bracelet in wrist.

      1. Will i get success in business?
      2. will i repay my loans? I have approx 40 lac loan.
      3. will i wear diamond instead of jerken?
      4. Which high quality gem stone I wear, so that I got result faster?
      5. any raj yoga?
      6. I have setup the company in Jharkhand, is the location is OK?
      7. What is my exact DOB and time?

      Even I don”t want to search job and waste my time, as of now, I am with empty pocket. Now, I want to do business. As I am computer professional, I will do software business.

      Birth Date – 10 July 1973
      Birth Time – 4.30 AM
      Place – Darbhanga, Bihar

      Please help me …… and please help me. Someone suggessted to wear Topaz and white moonga, instead of Jarkan & Neelam………… Can I wear THIS? THINK & analysis more on this, because I have wear neelam from long time but nothing get GOOD.

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    None of the above questions can be answered using Astrology. Perhaps you can contact some wayside astrologers on the bank of Ganges.

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      Please tell me at least reason to go out ganges.

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    On the bank of river Ganges, there are many astrologers sitting and predicting your future even without your horoscope. They will answer all your above type of questions. We are professionals who can only evaluate your horoscope and produce reports. You may read where you will get an idea about how one can use Astrology in day to day life.

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    Ahhhhh, I have written in thought of telling everything about my situtation that doesn’t means that i wanted THESE FORCAST. Try to understand , in last 18 month my life get drill down very badly. The major issue of my life is , I am jobless from March 2015 to till date . When I will get the job and my life will back on track. This is the only one which i wanted to know , Please help.

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