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Need more details on Mangal dosha cancellation as stated in one of your youtube

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    Hello Sir.You have mentioned in one of your youtube video that Mangal dosha gets cancelled when is debilitated .i.e. when it is present in cancer sign in 7th house for capricorn ascendant.Can you please shed more light on it and explain it in more deatail and reasoning behind it.One of the astrologer has created fears in the mind of girl’s parent that the daughter will die within 2 years as it is ‘Neech ka mangal’.
    I have referred you and have forwarded your video to them but they are not getting convinced.I could not find the same information in your blog so request you to share more details on where this cancellation is mentioned and how is it applicable with reasoning.I hope other people will also get benefitted with the information shared by you.Thanks!!

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    Navneet Khanna

    Rohit thanks for posting your question in the Astrology Forum. Contrary to what many think about Mars. Mars like other planets is a very important planet as it gives us courage, initiative, strength. However Mars placement in the 7th house, which is the house of marriage/ spouse is not considered good as the person can be dominating and if there are more afflictions on Mars, then aggressive, abusive by nature.

    Please note that Mars is a fiery planet. It symbolises fire, that is why it is associated with war, aggression etc. It is associated with Generals, commanders etc. In the 4th sign which is the sign Cancer, its lord is the Moon. Moon is a planet which changes everyday. We see a new phase of Moon everyday. This is totally contradictory to nature of Mars, which is about being adamant, stubborn, never changing. Cancer and its lord Moon is not about stability. They represent emotions, feelings and compassion. That is why Mars fails here, because this is what is never expected from Mars, to be changing, emotional, compassion. Therefore mars is totally weak in sign of Cancer. Here the fire diminishes in the watery sign, the person aggression is not there. So you put fire in water, it goes off. Here the person aggression is finished and with Mars in Cancer the person is not dominating but willing to make compromises.

    Therefore the effect of Mars when in Cancer in the 7th house is not there. So the malefic, aggressive, hostile nature of Mars will be removed because of its presence in Sign Cancer. Therefore when Mars is in Cancer. The Manglik dosha will get nullified, because Mars is most weak here.

    I hope that it is clear now.


    Navneet Khanna

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