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    I live in USA for last 10 years. I am looking to settle in USA permanently. I have been trying to get Green card for last 10 years but there is no successes. I am just getting my visa extended and wait for my green card is for 8 years. I cannot wait for another 8 years and now looking to find short cuts , will I be able to get it anytime soon and be successful professionally? I am not doing per my satisfaction and only good thing about my life that I get some support from is my profession. i want to so something for society too. Plz help DOB: 12th feb 1985, 13.30 pune , India. I would so grateful for all the guidance.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You are asking whether you will get green card or not.
    This is like asking whether you will get seat in IIT.
    It all depends on various factors.It depends on your
    academic career brilliance and the importance of location
    of IIT.Many people who are not so brilliant getting seats
    in IIT at IIT located in far off places.
    We have to see how many marks you get for eligibility of
    green card.
    Regarding your horoscope,your lagna is Vrishaba.
    YOur lagna owner Sukra is very good in exaltation.
    So,your life is definitely better than many persons
    who are working in Usa.
    NOw,you are running Budha period.
    Budha is in ninth house,with debilitated Guru.

    Sani is excellent planet for your lagna.
    Sani is in seventh house and seeing Budha.
    So,your chances are 40%.

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