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purchased property but facing too many problems

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    I just purchased a new house…but getting too many problems in getting loan…my all investments I had put on this property…plz let me know I will go through with this toughest phase of my life or will loose everything. Is there any solution to goes through this all…

    Name =meenu
    p.o.b= Patiala
    d.o.b. = 23 oct 1982
    time= 7:15 am

    my husband s details are
    p.o.b= Patiala
    d.o.b. = 10 july 1980
    time= 11:55 am

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    Without getting the loan, how did you purchase this property. Without purchasing it, how could you invest the money on this property. Your question is ambiguous.

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    i am living in canada, here we have to deposit 20 percent of money before applying for loan. i have invested that money…the place where i am renting out i have told them as i will get my home by end of this month now i wont be having any place to live at end also all my money got deposit with them, if my loan is not approved i will loose it…so i am in big trouble…kindly help me

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    I do not think astrology can help you in any way. Pray to God and perhaps He can find you a solution. He never forsakes his devotees.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your question involves many legal technicalities prevailing in Canada.
    I did not understand the facts of your case fully.
    As far as I understand,you deposited some money expecting a loan.
    I think you can ask for the deposit ,if loan is not sanctioned.
    I think there is a rule in Canada that they will forfeit the deposit ,if
    loan is not approved.

    The other technicality is that you rented out your present house,
    expecting that you will receive loan.
    In short,you are involved in a legal and financial problem.
    Please consult a local expert who is well versed with loan rules.
    Ask him whether you can get back your deposit,if loan is not sanctioned.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S Rao

    I have gone through your chart as per KP astrology. after 28-05-2017 your problems would be diluted. you will find a way through your friends. you will get some relief between 13-06-2017 and 05-07-2017. you will feel happy between 05-07-2017 and 07-09-2017.
    you are running sade-sati and also 8th(house of tensions, money of the people you deal with)significator period. In 8th significator period, there would difficulty to recover the money you parted with. Being a node Rahu is signifying Merc lord who is in 11th. Hence you will recover slowly.
    this is a guidance only. but i advise you not to depend on astrology and go as per your local laws to get relief.
    I wish you good luck.
    — J V S Rao

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