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Rahu mahadasha along with saade sati.

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    DOB : 23/09/1976
    TIME: 1530 Hrs


    I am going through rahu mahadasha and mangal antardasha along with saade sati.

    Life used to be good but last 10 years it has become more and more difficult.

    Health , Career and Money, is the major concern.

    As of now life seems to be a burden on myself and my family (though my family is very supportive). Facing some life threatening diseases since last 5 yrs which have now become very acute.

    Will i be able to pull through until i see some betterment in the situation?

    Please do reply.


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    Navneet Khanna

    Jupiter in the 6th house and Rahu in the 8th house aspect the 12th house. health issues are likely to bother you till July 2015. Health should not be ignored and good check up should be taken if required. The latter part of Rahu Mahadasha is not been good for you and along with Saturn Sade Satti. Although 2015 will see improvement in your condition after Sade Satti gets over you should do the remedies given belo for benefits.

    1. Recite Mantra OM Brim Rahave Namaha 108 times daily.
    2. Take 4 dry coconut and revolve it around your head and put it in running water
    3. Give fodder to the Cow for 16 consecutive weeks.


    Navneet Khanna

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