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Regarding marriage Prediction

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    Hi Sir,

    I am Nidhima i wanted to know when will i get married exactly as right now proposals are coming but my kundali wont matches most of the times & how will be my married life ?

    DOB – 16TH November 1982
    time – 00:17 am
    Place – Kota barrage rajasthan


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    If your time of birth is correct, you may not enjoy a married life since you have a Pravarjya Yoga and you are more likely to be a spiritual person. It would be best not to worry about marriage since your horoscope is unlikely to get a suitable match. You leave it to fate and concentrate on your career. Do read my blog

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    My parents r really very worried so just wanted to know when i will get married?

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    In Saturn dasa in around 2004 One alliance might have come to the stage of performance and missed as Saturn is only the significator for marriage.
    Saturn bhukti starts from 23-08-2018. Then the chances are more.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    Mercury Mahadasha operating since 2004 is weak for marriage as Mercury is deep combust and Mercury is not related to 7th house. Currently you are under Mercury-Jupiter Bhukti from 20/05/2016 till 25/08/2018 and Jupiter is karaka for marriage but is also combust and doesn’t has 2,7,11 in nakshatra or sublord.

    Saturn Bhukti starting from 25/08/2018 till 5/5/2021 will be good time for marriage as Saturn is lord of marriage and will be transiting 5th house thereby aspecting 7th house of marriage. Best chances for marriage would be from 25/08/2018 to 28/01/2019, 16/06/2019 to 13/08/2019 and 30/7/2020 to 24/12/2020.

    Chanting Om Praam Preem Praom Saha Shanayshchraey Namah after 25/08/2018 will help in reducing malefic effect of Saturn.

    Good luck

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    Neeraj Kumar

    I am Neeraj from Aggarwal community from Delhi. I am an engineering graduate working in Delhi. I am sep.04,1968 born, 5’9″ high, slim. i am simple, honest, family oriented and teetotaler person. I am searching a girl from any caste. I m looking for simple / court / chunni chdake marriage . I am an issueless divorcee of one month marriage. No dowry, no money required. if interested let me know. regards. Neeraj Gupta. my email id

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    JVS Rao Sir please let me know when how will be my would be husband & how will be my married life ?


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    JVS Rao Sir please let me know when how will be my would be husband & how will be my married life ?


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