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Settlement and marriage

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    Hi Sir,

    My DOB is 30/05/1991 time is 4.20pm.
    Place Bina project, Distt Sonebhadra, Uttar pradesh (24.1494° N, 82.7657° E)

    I am in abroad from seven years struggling but still not getting good response. Have applied for permanent residency for three times but got rejected. I have filed appeal on the last decision.
    Also I am getting married in 18 Feb 2018. Can you please have a look for me what are my chances to settle in foreign country would be great.

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    You wait until your marriage and let us see how her horoscope brings you the desired objectives in life.

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      Respected TMR Sir,

      My wife’s birth Details are below:
      TOB: 1:00 am
      Place: Amritsar

      Will it help to predict for my chances to settle in foreign country.


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    She has not yet become your wife. We will discuss it after you get married in Feb 2018.

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    Gurwinder Singh

    Hello Sir,

    I got married in Feb as mentioned earlier, but still struggling for settle in foreign. Have applied so many times and every time disappointed.

    Can you please have a look what are the chances to settle in foreign?

    I applied for my wife’s visa as well but got declined.

    Please advice!

    Gurwinder Singh

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    Dear Gurwinder Singh
    As per the principles laid down in KP system (known as Krishna Murthy Paddhati), you are destined to get and so you will get the permanent settlement after 14-09-2018. In case of failure this year if would be in next year after September.
    This is observed from your chart.
    From the chart of your wife, there are chances to get Visa after July 2019, particularly Jan 2020.
    Good Luck

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