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Son to develop interest in arts

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    My son is very good in studies. He has no friends and addicted to laptop. I want him to be interested in music and sports. I am trying to change him but he feels it like a punishment. DOB 12/4/2007 POB Kumbakonam TOB 7:14am. Magaram / thiruvonam. He is only child . If we move back to India will he change. Please advise.

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    You have nothing to worry. His Career is reasonably good and when he works for $100, he will earn $120. It is very likely that he will entertain others in his life since his Venus is fairly powerful. Addiction to laptop is not a bad thing. He will learn a lot from computers. Books are these days replaced by the Internet and online learning.

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    He is fascinated in complex nature understood by imagination like black holes but ignores to admire the nature around him. I really do not know if this is because of gadgets or he has it. He may choose to become an Astrophysics Scientist.
    He may even choose to become a Computer Game programmer entertaining others in life 🙂
    I will keep exploring his likes and talents.
    Thank u very much.

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