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Thank You TMR Sir

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    Respected TMR Guruji,

    I have gone through your and read few articles on astrology. For me astrology is complex subject but you presented in a very simple and practical way in your blog. I am really thankful and respect to you and to your knowledge on astrology.

    With Respectful regards,


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    Respected TMR guruji,

    My husband career is not stable since 2012 and at present he is unemployed. He is also having health issues which is making him weaker day by day.

    Currently he is undergoing Shani Mahadasha till 2029. I am very much worried about his health and career Sir.

    My humble request you to provide your astro inputs in this regard,

    DOB – 01/12/1974
    TOB – 6.39 AM
    Place – Sirsi, Karnataka

    Thank you Sir.

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    On a cursory examination of your husband’s horoscope, there are two main problems in his charts. 6 planets are conjoined in his Lagna and this creates what is known as Grahayuddha which diimishes the potency of those planets. Saturn is posted in the Eight house which is the weakest planet in his Kundali and he is running Saturn dasa starting from 2010 and till 2029 he is likely to have the type of problems you have narrated. Remedies to propitiate Saturn could do some good. Recite Varaha kavacha and Garuda dandaka daily to tide over the current difficulties.

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    I am very thankful for your kind service. As suggested I will do the needful remedies on behalf him.

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