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When I will get a Job?

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    DOB: 19/09/1989
    TOB: 18:10
    POB: Agartala (State: Tripura)

    I have a Software Engineering Degree. But, no job in hand for last 3 years. Health was not good. Now, its okay. Why I am not getting any Software Development Job? When Will I get a Software Development Job, If Yes, When?

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    90% of software professionals are only doing clerical job these days because they have no aptitude for real software development. They just know how to use a computer for clerical type of job like data entry, data collection, documentation etc. Many bogus universities are giving degrees in computer science/IT without their having any real knowledge of the subject.

    For those who are good in logic and application of their intelligence, there are many opportunities.

    It is possible that as per your charts, you could get a teaching job by about the end of this year or early next year. You may read my blog to get a better insight into astrology.

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    Sir, Thanks for Your reply. Could You please tell me do I have the required aptitude and intelligence to work in Software Development?

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    Dear Sir, I read your profile. Sorry I am disturbing You again, but I feel You can answer me If I am eligible for Software development Job or not? I studied Software engineering with lot of hope. I was a very good student in college. Although, I was good(not very good ) in School. Everything was going fine. Even I worked in a small Software company for 11 months. Then, In the middle of 2013, suddenly things changed. I lost job due to Arthritis/Bone Probz. I am medium in Maths and Programming . How to be better at that? Now, I am trying to work as a Freelancer for last 2 months to gain some experience with a hope that I would apply in good software companies after 6 months or 9 months. Teaching never attracted me. Thatsy , I am asking You this. Engineering attracted me but, I am not doing well as You said suddenly I lost aptitude in real Software development. But, I am trying to get my aptitude back. I want to work in programming and presently started working as a Freelancer Android Application Developer . However, not at all earning good.

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    I have sent you a book. Study it well.

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