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    Namaste to all,
    I am born on JANUARY 28TH 1993, 12:08 AM, i am trying for job from past 3 years but i am not getting one please tell me whether i will get the job or not and when i will get job.
    Please do help me as this is really important for me.

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    Hi to all of you,
    Please do answer my question. This is really important for me. I hope i would get help from you.
    Thank you all in advance

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    No wonder you are not getting a job when you mention your time of birth is 12:08 a.m which only shows you have no knowledge of even how to express the time of the day without confusion. Do you mean 00:08 a.m or 12:08 p.m..

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    Dedeepya sai

    Sorry sir it was my mistake its 00:08 a.m. Its not that i have confusion or something. I made this post when i am really in a weak moment when am i not understanding why i am facing these problems. So that is why i made the mistake without knowledge.
    Once again sorry sir for the mistake that was made.
    Hope to get reply from you all.
    Thank you.

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    Now you have not provided the place of birth which is also essential for evaluating a horoscope.

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    dedeepya sai

    Sorry sir, Place of birth is NUZVID, ANDHRA PRADESH.

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    dedeepya sai

    TMR Sir do you need any other details.
    Deepak sir please do give your opinion also.
    Will be waiting for your reply from both of you.
    Thank you.

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    Astrologer Akash

    Your are a Libra ascendant and Uttarabhadarapada nakshatra.Seems like you had lost your job in the Scorpio chara dasha.You are currently going through Leo chara dasha which is not very favorable for your job.Cancer chara dasha starting from 28/01/2018-28/01/2019 will be much better when it comes to getting a job.
    Currently you are going through Mercury mahadasha and Jupiter bhukti from 24/04/2016-03/08/2018 and Jupiter which is the 6th lord and is placed in the 12th house so there will obstacles in getting a job so it is advisable that you chant Jupiter beej mantra “Om graam greem graum sah gurve namah” 108 times daily to get results and as i said above your Cancer chara dasha will be much better and could surely fetch you a job.

    God Bless
    Astrologer Akash

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    dedeepya sai

    Thank you so much Akash sir for the reply.
    Will be waiting for views from others as well.
    Thank you.

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    The planetary disposition of your horoscope is as follows :

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 77.10 Malefic
    Moon 82.57 Benefic
    Mars 62.34 Benefic
    Mercury 67.04 Malefic
    Jupiter 35.28 Benefic
    Venus 32.35 Benefic
    Saturn 7.63 Malefic
    Rahu 2.32 Benefic
    Kethu 2.85 Benefic

    Net 43.12 Benefic

    Altogether you have an average horoscope with 43.12% strength inclined to be of a Benefic nature. There can be some delay in getting a good job since initially your returns from career will not be satisfactory which will pick up in due course towards your Venus period starting in 2028. Your Moon and Mars periods thereafter will be quite good.

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    Dedeepya Sai,

    you are running Mercury mahadasha since 3/3/2004 which will end in 3/3/2021. Mercury is average for you as its placed in nakshatra of Moon with Saturn as sublord. Seems like problems started to creep up from Mer-Rah period from 30/8/2013 as Rahu is placed in nakshatra of Jupiter with mercury as sublord with bad combination for job.

    You started Mer-Jup period from 18/3/2016 running till 24/6/2018 and this is bad for job (5,8,12 combination for job loss). Transit of Jupiter in lagna from Sep 2017 and Saturn in 3rd house from Oct 2017 may give you temporary relief and boost in your efforts. Mer-Sat period from 24/6/2018 to 3/3/2021 will be better (is best time to find ideal job)

    Start of Ketu period from 3/3/2021 will be troublesome as Ketu is placed in 8th in Chalit as well and in nakshatra of Mars with Jupiter as sublord (bad combination for career again). This seems like a 50-50 horoscope where 50% period is avg and 50% are below average. Sat-Mars are your good planets and doing your own business might serve better once you gain relevant experience

    Mahamrintunjaya mantra for mental peace is advised.

    May god bless you,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    dedeepya sai

    Thank you deepak sir and tmr sir for the reply.

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