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When will I get married?

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    Seema Kamath

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know when will I get married and how my married life will be? Below are my details.

    Dob30-03-1986,Tob 11:34Pm,place:Ahmedabad.

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    All your planets are sandwiched between Rahu and Kethu which leads to Kalasarpayoga and delay in marriage is inevitable. There is a feeble chance of marriage post 2020 which need not be a happy one.

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    Hi Seema Kamath,

    1.Your 7th lord is in 6th house with rahu.. and you lagna has debiltated moon and saturn aspecting the 7th house ..

    2.In navamsha you have rahu in lagna and mars and ketu in 7th house ..

    Both the above points delayed your marriage.

    Right now you are undergoing Venus Jupiter dasa, it will end on April 2020. In this period you will definitely get married. Both the jupiter and venus are in vargotthama..

    Jupiter being the the 2nd and 5th lord combined with 11th lord favors in marriage and in navamsha Jupiter is the lagana lord which aspects the 7th house

    If you believe in stones please do wear Yellow sapphire and Pearl both the stones… both the stones are compulsory. if you can’t afford stones please do recite Guru graha and chandra graha beeja mantra daily. pray to lord shiva daily…

    Thank you

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      Jaibhav sir…than you so much for your reply.

      Can you pls tell me how will be my married life from both the charts?

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        Hi Seema

        You married life will be bittersweet with both happy and unhappy moments but don’t worry! follow the above mentioned remedies. Pray to lord Shiva daily!!

        Thank you!!

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